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Our Vision: “Spreading Peace & Happiness in everyday LIFE”

Our Mission: “Free from 9D’s”

Our Goal: “in 2018, We would like to reach more than 18,000 people”

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Dr. Vishal Gandhi is renowned Healer, Yogacharya, Acupuncturist and Life coach with over 9 years of experience, hosted 900+ Seminar / workshops and has trained more than 45,000 people all across India and abroad.

Recharge your life programs

Change Your Life - 90 Days Program

Power Reiki Course

Chakra Healing Course

Self-Hypnosis workshop

Mind mastery course

Freedom from Depression

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Knowing Your Health

Reversing Lifestyle Diseases

Yog - Pranayam - Dhyan Shibir

Hans Yog sadhna shibir

90 Days Weight Loss Challenge

AShtang yog teacher training course

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Mobile : 9033420284, 9328073202 or Email: vishal@vishalgandhi.in


My Healing power increases

My back pain completely gone… 

Superb… excellent…

No words to say… its amazing… 

Dr.Bhumika Pandya


Very informative enlightenment from start to finish 2 way communication.on time with lot of interaction and satvik food.thank you.I am glad I got this opportunity and I made it to the workshop

Monita Patel


Hello, Dr.Vishal Gandhi,

I have attended your 4 workshops in this year. it was amazing !!!

Great going sir,

Thank you for spreading Peace & Happiness !

Taral Pandya


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