Do you Want to Became Power Reiki (વૈશ્વિક ઉર્જા) Healer ?

because, it’s the only technique that heals everything:-

? ATTRACT: Dream Career, Wealth, and Abundance Goal.
? CURE: Diseases, Relationship, Problems, Psychic Attacks.
? DEVELOP: Confidence, Personality, Mental & Psychic powers.
? AWAKEN: Kundalini, Hidden Potential & The Divine purpose of Life.

This is one time opportunity to learn  New Power Reiki with Dr.Vishal Gandhi & Team!

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Power Reiki Level 1 Course Content:

1) What is Power Reiki ?
2) How does Power Reiki Works ?
3) Origin & History of Power Reiki
4) Effects & Benefits of Power Reiki
5) Principles & Philosophy of Power Reiki
6) Power Reiki Self-Healing Meditation
7) Power Reiki Level 1 Attunement
8) Practical Session (9 Techniques)
9) Opportunity as a Reiki Healer

Power Reiki (Level 1) Course by Dr.Vishal Gandhi

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