Beyond Reiki Healing (Level – 1 & 2) Course by yogacharya Dr.Vishal Gandhi

Do you Want to Became Reiki (વૈશ્વિક ઉર્જા) Healer ?

Want to help Your Family, Friends & Society to

☑ ATTRACT: Dream Career, Wealth, and Abundance Goal.
☑ CURE: Diseases, Relationship, Problems, Psychic Attacks.
☑ DEVELOP: Confidence, Personality, Mental & Psychic powers.
☑ AWAKEN: Kundalini, Hidden Potential & The Divine purpose of Life.

because, it’s the only technique that heals everything

રેકી ઉર્જાને લગતું અદભૂત વિજ્ઞાન છે. તે વ્યક્તિને વૈશ્વિક ઉર્જા સાથે કેવી રીતે આત્મસાત કરવી તેની પદ્ધતિ શીખવે છે.

Dr. Vishal Gandhi is renowned Healer, Yogacharya, Acupuncturist and Life coach with over 9 years of experience, hosted 900+ Seminar / workshops and has trained more than 45,000 people all across India and abroad.

This is one time opportunity to learn Reiki Healing with Yogacharya Dr.Vishal Gandhi & Team!

✅ Join Now! (Only 15 Seats available)

Beyond Reiki Healing (Level -1 & 2) Course by Yogacharya Dr.Vishal Gandhi
🗓 Saturday & Sunday, 13th & 14th July, 2019
⏰ 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Venue: The Happiness Centre, G53 Indiabulls MegaMall, Jetalpur road, Nr.Dinesh mills, Sayajigunj, Vaododara.

✅ Only 15 Seats available For Registration Call / whatsapp: 9033420284, 9328073202

What is Reiki ?

Origin & History of Reiki

How Reiki Works ?

Principle & philosophy of Reiki

Benefits of Reiki

Attunement Process for Level 1 & 2

Self-Healing Meditation

Aura Energizing Techniques

Symbols & Mantra

Mind Power Session

Self - Hypnosis Session

Astral Travelling & PLR

Practical Session

Lear to Heal

Body, Mind, Soul, Plant, Animals, Foods, Water, Non-Living objects, Plants, Past, Present, Future and everything in this universe…

Lifetime Support

Years of Experience

Happy Students

Offered Courses

No. of Seminar & Workshop

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To attend beyond reiki healing course

contact  : 9033420284, 9328073202


I am so happy, I lose 12.5 kg. weight in just 90 days.

My immunity power increase, My UTI problems completely vanished. 

I got many benefits and I recommend everyone to get benefits.

Twinkle Brahmbhat


in 90 Days, My Diabetes & Blood Pressure completely reversed as well as I reduced 11.5 kg. weight.

I am so happy. 

Monaben Majmudar


I have reduce my 8 kg. weight, I learned proper yog & pranayam techniques and I completely change my lifestyle. 

Great going sir,

Thank you for spreading Peace & Happiness !

Hanspyari Patel


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