Our Vision: “Spreading Peace & Happiness in everyday LIFE”

Our Mission: “Promoting Alternative Medicine in the World”

Our Goal: “by 2020, We would like to reach more than 45000 People “


We have three Clinic in one roof.

We have Advance Acupuncture Clinic in that we do pain management.

We have Healing & Mind Power Clinic in that we treat problem related to Depression.

We have Lifestyle reversal Clinic in that we treat diseases related to Lifestyle.

Free Chakra Healing Seminar in Vadodara

✅ Hi, I am Sweety I attended Dr.Vishal Gandhi's Chakra Healing Program, I was impress with the content & Techniques that Dr.Vishal taught in the Workshop. I like the most forgiveness exercise. After attending workshop, I feel that my all bad Karmas of past life...

Free Power of Pranayam (POP) Workshop

✅ Are you feeling tired in your day today activity? 👉 But, don’t have enough time for Yoga, Gym, Walking & Meditation. Then, Good news for you 👉👉 I help busy people to have more energy throughout their day by just practicing 10-15 Min. Pranayam. I am Dr. Vishal...

Do You want to lose your Weight ?

Do You want to Lose Your Weight ? "૯૦ દિવસમાં ૯ થી ૧૮ કિલો વજન ઘટાડો"with Money back Guarantee ✓ I helped more than 18000 Participants to reduce their weight 👊90 Days weight loss Challenge Program by Dr.Vishal Gandhi💪 🗓 New YOG-PRANAYAM-MIND POWER Batches starts from...

Chakra Healing Workshop in Vadodara

Ever Heard about Chakra Healing?? ☑ 7 Chakras are like a “WHEEL” or “DISC”☑ With help of these 7 chakras Cosmic Energy enters into our body☑ The Cosmic Energy affects our Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Health☑ It Develops Our Awareness ☑ Releases Blockages☑ Helps...

Reiki Healing Course in Vadodara

Reiki Healing Level – 1 Course in Vadodara by Dr.Vishal Gandhi

Can Reiki do Miracle in Your Life?

રેકી શુ તમારા જીવનમાં મિરેકલ કરી શકે ? હા, મિત્રો ૯૦૦+ લોકોને રેકી શિખવાડયા અને જીવનમાં સકારાત્મક પરિવર્તન લાવ્યા પછી એવું હું ચોક્ક્સ પણે કહી શકુ કે હા રેકી હકીકતમાં તમારા જીવનમાં મિરેકલ કરી શકે... કેવી રીતે તો જુવો... તેના ફાયદા... ✅ રેકી Health Problems સોલ્વ કરી...

New Power Reiki Level-1 Course by Dr.Vishal Gandhi

Do you Want to Became Power Reiki (વૈશ્વિક ઉર્જા) Healer ? because, it’s the only technique that heals everything:- ? ATTRACT: Dream Career, Wealth, and Abundance Goal. ? CURE: Diseases, Relationship, Problems, Psychic Attacks. ? DEVELOP: Confidence, Personality,...

90 Days Course: Ashtang Yog Teacher Training by Paramhans Vishwavidhyalay

 Do you know why most of YOG Teacher/Trainer miserably failed to help people ?  even; they know everything about YOG !  Ever wish, if you could know the perfect solution… If Yes, Then  I have good News for you, From Dec.,2012 I have trained more than 90+ Yog Teacher,...

Mind Power Seminar by Dr.Vishal Gandhi

Recharge Your Life Programs: We are existing on this planet in 3 forms 1.Body 2.Mind 3.Soul We have to have all these forms healthy to be happy How can we make them Healthy? Body – Good Nutrition, Exercise, Rest and positive mental attitude Heart – by giving Love and...

Swine Flu Scam Exposed

SWINE FLU SCAM THE BIGGEST SCAM IN THE MEDICAL WORLD Original Hindi Version can be downloaded here:                        http://medicalveritas.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Swine-flue-Scam.pdf There is a great panic in the world regarding swine-flu. It is being...

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If they all Are Balanced, Our Life Will Be Completely In Balanced State and If they are not, They Create Problems In Our Physical & Mental Health


“I am being a divine soul, I have unlimited Cosmic & Spiritual Energy, I am always connected with Supreme Soul.”


Do You Want to free from 4D’s ? (Diseases, Drugs, Doctors & Diagnosis)


“૯૦ દિવસમાં ૯ થી ૧૮ કિલો વજન ઘટાડો” 


My Healing power increases

My back pain completely gone… 

Superb… excellent…

No words to say… its amazing… 

Dr.Bhumika Pandya


Very informative enlightenment from start to finish 2 way communication.on time with lot of interaction and satvik food.thank you.I am glad I got this opportunity and I made it to the workshop

Monita Patel


Hello, Dr.Vishal Gandhi,

I have attended your 4 workshops in this year. it was amazing !!!

Great going sir,

Thank you for spreading Peace & Happiness !

Taral Pandya


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